Thursday, February 9, 2017

Gia sư quận 2

The Los Angeles School District is facing enormous budget cuts, and has cut fully out 450 million dollars previously. These new round of cuts are going to be huge and this means more lay-offs for teachers and more budget cuts. The teachers are arranging a walk-out and they are hoping the students follow. Many students have said they'll walk-out too, but are they just doing that as the teachers coaxed them into it? Học lái xe bình thạnh
One astute observer noted that the college district gets money for each student in attendance, and when the students aren't there the district loses much more money. Does this mean everyone should go to school until 10:10 recess and then walk-out having been accounted for, for that day? If so, that's ripping off the taxpayers, who pay for students and the teachers to be there and do their business of teaching and educating our children.
You see, I have trouble with the college district or teachers coaxing kids into protesting. I feel they are manipulating the children for their own personal agenda. Leave the children out of this. Teaching kids to protest is just a bad idea, they'll probably wind up disrupting our civilization and society in the future. gia sư gò vấp
Protesting can too easily lead to violent actions with a mob. We need more brains and less protesting. Kids ought to be taking care of reasoning and thinking not learning how to throw a fit, centered on someone else's agenda. I deplore the actions of the college district using our youngsters for their political will. Please think over this.

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