Saturday, March 18, 2017

chinese diet pills

Could you ever consider taking diet pills to assist you lose weight?
According to a poll 35 per cent of men and women say anything is worth a go if it will help shift those extra pounds. lida tablets
Another third of the taking part in the vote said they did not trust their safety while the rest said they'd only take them if they may research them thoroughly.
Diet experts warn that many people eager to shed inches are unaware that some slimming pills available can trigger serious negative effects - ultimately causing death in certain cases.
Obesity, which now affects one in five adults in Britain, is a major reason behind ill health. But patients taking anti-obesity pills need to keep yourself updated that they should combine any drugs with diet and exercise under strict medical supervision.
Slimming pills can be loosely divided into three groups. Licensed pharmaceutical drugs, prescribed by NHS doctors; unlicensed pharmaceutical drugs available at private slimming clinics, and natural slimming products sold over-the-counter.
Unlicensed drugs
You will find just a few licensed pharmaceutical slimming drugs in Britain. The reason being the Government has systematically banned certain slimming pills shown to cause negative effects and sometimes death.
The move to ban some pharmaceutical slimming pills followed concerns by medics that way too many unscrupulous doctors were operating outside guidelines published by the Royal College of Physicians four years ago. The report recommended tighter restrictions on slimming drugs saying they should be taken only by the seriously obese under strict supervision.
A year ago a survey by Health Which? Magazine revealed that certain in two private slimming clinics were handing out unlicensed obesity drugs to women who didn't have a weight problem.
Professor Rowland Jung who runs an obesity clinic at Ninewells Hospital in Tayside, warns of the dangers of such clinics.
'People are really desperate and flocking to private slimming practices because there are not enough NHS obesity clinics,' he says.'The thing is there are no licensing laws for private practices, so we don't know if their standards are as much as scratch.'
He also believes there are many other dangers involved.
'Some clinicians are relying on drugs to lose excess weight when it's actually the diet and exercise that counts too. They cannot request the medical history of the individual, so they don't really know about the individual's genetic health.
'They are often handing out combinations of drugs that might react with one another which may cause a variety of side effects. Other clinicians are handing out addictive drugs such as for example amphetamines.' Lida Daidaihua Pills
To make matters worse, a physician registered in the UK can prescribe an unlicensed medicine, as long as the physician assumes personal responsibility. This implies doctors can prescribe anti-obesity drugs with known side effects.
Clinically trialled drugs
At the moment there are only two licensed slimming drugs. Orlistat, which can be acquired by prescription, and methylcellulose sold over the counter. Another drug called Sibutramine is in the pipeline.

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